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Vacuum tests


Anybody working with vacuum or high pressure installations has to deal with the generation of vacuum, with compressing fluid (gas or liquid) and, sooner or later, with leakage problems. In addition to a commercial impact, these defects in liquid tightness will also compromise personal security in the case of losses caused by leakages and outgassings, particularly if the products are gas containers, gas lines and dangerous fluids and vacuum technical processes.

We carry out leakproofness and permeation tests as follows:

  • Pressure equipment, pressure containers and gas lines
  • Composite cylinders and tanks
  • Vacuum installations 
  • Vacuum - tests and assemblies
  • Industrial components
  • Determination of gas permeation by materials
  • and many more...

These tests are carried out on the basis of recognised standards, technical rules and specifications such as:

  • DIN EN 13185:  non-destructive test - leakproofness test - method of gas testing 
  • DIN EN 1779:    non-destructive test - leakproofness test - selection criteria for test methods and operations
  • Or as a component of the performance test to conform to an EU Directive, whose national realisation or a harmonised standard.






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