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Technical safety tests

Technical safety tests and special tests minimise the risks surrounding the security of a product or the product liability.

The manufacturers can, to a large degree, determine their own path to a safe product. This independence allows for more freedom and control. If European guidelines are to be followed, a product's security is required to be certified by a declaration of conformity. Furthermore, the manufacturer must, at any time, be able to provide evidence to the national inspection authority, proving that they fulfill the safety objectives with the measures taken. Test reports and certification are included as part of this documentary proof.

Tests by the independent and accredited test laboratory of Swiss TS will confirm the credibility of the manufacturer, having taken all the necessary steps to guarantee the security and approval of their product.

We offer the following tests:

Tests of products                                               

  • Ladders and scaffoldings
  • Fire-fighting equipment 
  • Aerosol cans - also for backfiring 
  • Coffee machines, pressure cooking pots 
  • Soda bottles and cartridges 
  • Camping gas bottles and cartridges
  • and many more ...

Special tests 

  • Compound tests 
  • Ignition tests 
  • Fire tests 
  • Strafing tests 
  • Explosion prevention and protection tests
  • and many more ...

In addition to the testing of these products, our expertise also extends to cases of damage and third party inspections.

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Head of test laboratory

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