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Pressure tests

Pressure tests are just one part of the tests required for acquiring the approval for pressure equipment. Great technical complexity is involved in performing these tests efficiently and problem-free. Not every manufacturer can or will afford this complexity.

Tests carried out by the independent and accredited test laboratory of Swiss TS confirm the credibility of the manufacturer, ensuring that they have fulfilled all the necessary requirements to guarantee the security and approval of their product.

We test for you:

  • Gas cylinders
  • Pressure containers
  • Composite cylinders 
  • Fittings
  • Pressure pipes and hoses
  • Hydraulic compounds

Your needs in the following areas will be met with efficient and speedy expertise:

  • Performance tests
  • Bursting tests 
  • Internal pressure tests
  • Load alternation tests
  • Leakproofness tests
  • Special tests

Performance tests
Part of our everyday business involves carrying out compulsory performance tests for the approval of compressed gas containers for serial production, or first time tests due to existing rules and standards.

Bursting tests
A seperate bursting room with video surveillance is available to determine the bursting behavior of container constructions under maximum pressure during the revolution of stored energy with water or air (pmax = liquid up to 4'000 bar, gaseous up to 1'000 bar).

Internal pressure and load alternation tests
Internal pressure tests are carried out dynamically with up to 1'300 bar (air 200 bar) and the load alternation tests statically with up to 4'000 bar, at temperatures of -60° up to +250°.

Leakproofness tests
Water, hydraulic oil or gases (air, nitrogen, helium or hydrogen) are used according to the customer's specific requirements to test for leaks in their equipment.

Special tests and general services (advisory services)
Swiss TS performs various special tests such as fire tests, strafing tests and backfiring tests and we are happy to be at your disposal to offer you a range of technical advice.



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