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Tests and measurements

Our company Swiss TS has an accredited laboratory (STS 052) for:

  • Testing tanks and containers for transporting dangerous goods
  • Testing pressure equipment
  • Testing the packaging for dangerous goods
  • Technical safety checks on various pressurised and mechanical objects

Safety technical tests

For Formula 1, for component suppliers of the automotive industry, for automotive manufacturers, general industry...  more

Pressure tests

Internal pressure and load alternation, leakproofness and bursting with/without extreme conditions...  more

Vacuum tests

Leakproofness and permeation tests...  more

Packaging tests

Drop and stacking tests...  more

Emission measurements

A wide range of heating installations and industrial exhaust cleaning installations...  more


Measuring of harmful substances in the air at the workplace...  more

Our company Swiss TS is a member of the Swiss Society of Environmental Engineering (SVU) and the Swiss Society for Air Pollution Control (Luftunion). 


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Heinz Anderhalden
Head of test laboratory

Tel +41 44 877 62 65
Fax +41 44 877 62 66